Analee Slaugh

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Annalee has been in the beauty industry and a working esthetician for 13+ years. She has worked both on the East and West coast in both medical spas, beauty salons and spas. It wasn't until about 6 years ago she found her passion and skill for eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping.  Annalee has a love for talking with people and helping women feel beautiful.  She prides herself in shaping each clients eyelash extensions to their individual eye and face shape.  When she is not at Beauty Lounge you can find her at home taking care of her three children and dating her husband. You can follow more of her work on Facebook and Instagram @eyesbyannalee.


Full set Classic lashes - $250

Full set volume lashes - $300

Full mixed set classic and volume lashes - $275

60 Min re-lash - $65

75 min re-lash - $75

Volume re-lash - $80

New client re-lash - $75

Lash removal - $25

Brow wax and shaping - $25

Brow tint - $15


Wednesday 12pm-7pm

Friday 9am-4pm


Classic lashes: Blink brand lashes

Volume lashes: Lash Affair

Glue: EBL and Lash Affair Infactuated

Brows: Anastasia kit and Reflectocil


Please do not come to yourappointment with mascara on your lashes. Freshly washed lashes are preferable. I am able to wash them at your appointment time but it will take time out of the lash application. Wearing no or a minimal amount of eye make up to your appointment is also preferable. 


Do Not Get Lashes Wet for 24 Hours

Do Not use Mascara on your lash extensions

Do Not Pick or Pull on your extensions

Do Not use cotton rounds. The eye-fibers will catch on the lashes.

Brush your lashes daily

No pulling, tugging, or rubbing your eyelash extensions

Wash and rinse lashes daily with an oil free lash cleanser

Avoid Eye Makeup and creams with oils

When choosing eyeliner, use powder eyeliner or water-based liquids

Try to sleep on your side or back to avoid squishing your lashes

Remember your lifestyle and activities such as exercise, swimming, hot yoga, etc. will affect your lash retention

Remember to re-book your fills within 2-3 weeks