Dominique Laratta


From a young age Dominique was always fascinated by beauty, but considered it more of a personal pursuit rather than professional. Her life path initially led her to Colorado State University and the study of Human Development. After earning her Bachelors degree, Dominique recognized her true calling was still within the beauty industry, so she pursued her dreams. Since becoming a licensed aesthetician, Dominique has had the privilege of working for one of the worlds most luxurious and prestigious brands, CHANEL, where she received special education and training on makeup artistry. With a keen vision for facial symmetry, and enhancing natural beauty, Dominique is most passionate about microblading. Dominique's ability to give a customized service with tremendous care and attention to detail is a huge factor in her success. You can find more photos of Dominique’s work on Instagram @dolledup.bydomi.


Wednesday 9:30-7

Friday 9:30-5:30

Saturday 10-4



Eyebrow shaping $30

Men’s brow shaping $25

Teen brow shaping $25

Brow shaping and Tint $45

Brow tint $25

Lash tint $25

Lash and brow tint $45


Eyebrow and lip wax $35

Lip wax $10

Full face wax $50

Lash Extensions: 

Classic Extensions: one extension applied to one natural lash

Volume Extensions: multiple, ultra fine extensions applied to one natural lash to create extra fullness

Hybrid Extensions: a mixture of classic and volume extensions for a medium amount of fullness 

Classic Full Set (2 hours) - $250

Hybrid Full Set (2.5 hours) - $275

Volume Full Set (3 hours) - $300

60 Minute Classic Fill - $65

75 Minute Classic Fill - $75

90 Minute Classic Fill - $90

60 Minute Hybrid Fill - $75

75 Minute Hybrid Fill - $85

90 Minute Hybrid Fill - $100

60 Minute Volume Fill - $80

75 Minute Volume Fill - $90

90 Minute Volume Fill - $105

New client lash fill - $100+

Lash removal - $30


  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours.

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions.

  • ONLY use oil-free eyeliners, makeup removers and facial cleansers. 

  • Use your lash wand to brush your lashes into place.

  • Keep your lashes clean by regular washing with an appropriate cleanser. 

  • When applying moisturizers and eye creams, avoid the lash line. Oils in these creams will break down the bond and cause your extensions to fall off.


Microblading consultation 

Microblading - $500

Tattoo or Permanent Makeup Removal - $250+

Microblading Aftercare:

  • Days 1-7Gently cleanse your brows morning and night using a damp paper towel with a small drop of mild cleanser. Thoroughly remove soap and pat dry.

  • Days 1-3After cleansing, apply a VERY THIN layer of a healing ointment using a clean cotton swab. Do not double dip.

  • Days 1-14Do not saturate brows with water No brow make up No direct sun exposure/tanning bedsNo sweatingNo swimming, saunas, or steam roomsDo not touch, rub, scratch, or pick at browsDo not apply anything other than the healing ointment provided to browsDo not use any exfoliants over brows (retinol, peels, or acids)

  • Schedule your touch up no later than 6 weeks from your initial appointment. 


Dermaplane $75